Spouses enter marriage with the best of intentions, but sometimes, despite their best efforts, they are forced to go their separate ways. After opting for divorce, these separating spouses require advice and representation from a dissolution & custody lawyer such as Michael P. Ciccone. The ideal Youngstown divorce lawyer will keep the drama associated with this process to a minimum, while still sticking up for the best interests of his clients. By teaming up with Ciccone Legal, clients can rest assured, knowing that their divorce cases are being handled by the Youngstown area’s most talented and compassionate lawyer.

Fault Versus No-Fault In The Youngstown Divorce Cases

Multiple approaches to divorce can be pursued in Ohio, with many couples opting for the more peaceful no-fault divorce. Irreconcilable differences are typically listed as the primary cause for this type of divorce, which is often resolved through alternative mediation.

While a peaceful, no-fault divorce is certainly desirable for many couples, it is not always a wise choice. Individuals fighting for primary custody or greater alimony payments may request at-fault divorce. Although often a riskier approach to marriage dissolution, this may be favorable for those worried about the prospect of their former spouses gaining custody of their children.

Whether you and your spouse are intent on pursuing a peaceful, no-fault divorce or are forced to fight for a fair custody and alimony arrangement, you can count on Ciccone Legal to resolve your divorce case in a satisfactory manner. Michael Ciccone will work with you to ensure that your unique needs are met.

Custody And Visitation Concerns: How A Dissolution & Custody Lawyer Can Help

The process of dividing property can be contentious, but the possibility for conflict is even more apparent when two spouses are forced to make custody arrangements for their children. In most cases, it is best for children to maintain regular contact with both of their parents. As such, joint custody arrangements are actively encouraged in the Youngstown area. If sole custody is awarded to one parent, the other is typically granted a significant amount of visitation time. If, however, limited visitation is deemed in the best interest of the child, it may be incredibly difficult for the parent lacking custody to spend time with his or her child. Whether your goal is to gain primary custody of your kids or to limit a former spouse’s visitation time, you can depend on Ciccone Legal for excellent advocacy in and out of the courtroom.