Probate & Estate Planning


Estate planning is an extensive and, often, emotionally trying process. While dealing with the various documents related to probate and estate planning, individuals are advised to be accompanied by skilled attorneys. The right Youngstown probate & estate planning lawyer can oversee your case, ensuring that your wishes are carried out while compliance with local regulations is maintained. Whether you require assistance for drafting advance health care directives or need a probate advocate in a court of law, you can count on Ciccone Legal for excellent representation.

Drafting Documents With A Youngstown Probate & Estate Planning Lawyer

During the estate planning process, individuals are forced to make several decisions about issues that they would prefer to not address. Although this process can be mentally and emotionally tiresome, it is necessary for the future protection of you and your loved ones. Once completed, documents such as advanced health care directives, living wills and special needs trusts can all deliver much-needed peace of mind. For these and other essential estate planning documents, look to Ciccone Legal for guidance.

Probate: Completing The Transition With Ciccone Legal

After a loved one has passed away, it is up to friends and family members of the deceased individual to ensure that this person’s last wishes are carried out. Although well-meaning, these loved ones may not be able to carry out these wishes on their own; often, the assistance of a Youngstown probate & estate planning lawyer is required. With the help of Ciccone Legal, individuals can ensure that their rightful inheritances are made available, even if this means completing probate cases in the courtroom. Ciccone Legal handles a wide array of issues in the Ohio probate courts, including the ommission of assets from trusts and, of course, the probating of wills.

Ciccone Legal: A Reliable Resource For Youngstown Residents

The probate and estate planning process is, by nature, fraught with tension, particularly when significant property and assets are on the line. The right Youngstown probate & estate planning lawyer can fight for the rights of those drafting wills and accompanying documents or, in probate cases, provide representation in a court of law. Michael Ciccone understands the emotional and financial implications of estate planning and probate cases and, equipped with this knowledge, provides a much-appreciated level of respect and candor. For excellent probate and estate planning representation, do not hesitate to place your trust in Ciccone Legal.